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Imagine Learning Center, Inc.


4840 NW 23rd Ave.

Gainesville, FL 32606

Phone: 352-371-5450

FAX: 352-371-5451

Though we understand many parents' desire to drop in for unscheduled tours, when you schedule an appointment we are often able to provide more time, depth and completeness in your visit.

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Family Testimonies 

I always describe Imagine Learning Center as my children's "happy place". Their approach values the development of the whole child in a safe, respectful, and caring environment. Imagine is truly a remarkable little school.
-Monica A

Their play-based learning style has promoted my kids' creativity, curiosity and self-efficacy. My oldest is now excelling in elementary school because of the developmentally appropriate foundation of learning that Imagine provided him.
-Kim R. 

"Their child-centered, play-based program is exactly what young children need to lay the foundation for a lifetime of learning. Pair that curriculum with warm, thoughtful teachers who are committed to getting to know each child and helping them learn and grow in the way that works best for them, and you've got a truly exceptional little school."
- Amy C. 

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