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Our goal at Imagine Learning Center is to enhance the development of the whole child. It is our mission to ensure that children in our care get a safe, healthy, emotionally secure and intellectually rich start in life. We strive to provide responsive, respectful childcare that meets the needs of the child and the family.

Our Philosophy 

  • We believe in being open-minded about the ideas and theories that influence our practice. 

  • We value individuality and promote autonomy of action and thought by including each child as an active participant in care activities.

  • We respect each child’s natural routines of active and quiet times, eating and sleeping schedules, and fluctuation between craving independence and the need for nurturance. 

  • We celebrate childhood as a time for free and active exploration of life and of the world. 

  • Teachers, children, and parents are partners in the learning process. 

  • Family participation is critical to the quality of the program we provide.

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